iRocker SUP

iRocker SUP, a company specializing in high-quality stand-up paddleboards, aimed to amplify its market presence and sales figures from its initial valuation. With a strategic partnership, the company experienced remarkable growth, diversifying its product range and expanding into new market segments.


Brand Expansion

Digital Advertising

E-commerce Optimization

Inventory Management

Business Consulting

Initial Challenges

Limited Product Diversity: Began with a single brand, restricting its market penetration.

Market Expansion Needs: Sought to engage various consumer segments within the paddleboard market.

Budgetary Limits: Faced challenges scaling advertising efforts with an initial modest budget.

Website and E-Commerce Optimization: Required enhancements to their online sales platform for improved customer experience.

Adaptive Inventory Management: Needed a robust strategy to navigate the fluctuating demand, especially highlighted by the pandemic.

Strategic Solutions Implemented

Brand Diversification

Launched premium and budget-friendly brands, enriching the product portfolio to appeal to a wider audience.

Scaled Marketing Investments

Significantly increased marketing budget allocation, enabling extensive reach and engagement across digital platforms.

E-Commerce Platform Overhaul

Transitioned between leading e-commerce solutions to optimize user experience and backend operations.

Innovative Inventory Management

Introduced pre-order systems and strategic airlifting to maintain a balance between demand and supply, ensuring customer satisfaction.

During high-velocity sales windows, Sunny has been exceptional in managing resources and securing our operations, skillfully handling $800k revenue in a day and 10 million across a month.

Stephen Elder

Founder at iRocker Inc

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Market Presence Expansion: Successfully broadened market reach through the introduction of new brands tailored to distinct consumer segments.

Enhanced Advertising Impact: Achieved a remarkable increase in advertising reach and efficiency, reflecting in a substantial uplift in brand visibility and customer acquisition.

E-Commerce Excellence: Seamlessly migrated across e-commerce platforms, significantly enhancing the online shopping experience and operational fluency.

Effective Inventory Strategy: Demonstrated exemplary inventory management, supporting sustained sales momentum and growth, even amidst the pandemic.

Remarkable Company Growth: Realized exponential growth in revenue, culminating in a profitable sale of the company, marking a significant return on investment.

Contribution of Global Digital Online

Played a pivotal role in strategic decisions ranging from marketing to inventory management, contributing to the comprehensive digital transformation of the company.

Provided invaluable data-driven insights that shaped the trajectory of growth and expansion strategies.

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