Geckobrands, renowned for its innovative outdoor and waterproof gear, sought to transition from its traditional retail dominance to a formidable online presence. The challenge was to pivot from a model where online sales were a fraction of total revenue to becoming a significant digital player.


Market Diversification

Online Advertising

Content Strategy

Online Sales Boost

Niche Penetration

Challenges Encountered

Underdeveloped Online Sales Channel: Online sales were minimal, overshadowed by traditional retail avenues.

Content Development Hurdles: The brand faced challenges in producing engaging content consistently to captivate the online audience.

Intense Market Competition: Navigating a competitive landscape with well-established online retailers posed a significant challenge.

Strategic Initiatives

Broadened Digital Marketing Efforts

Embraced a multi-platform advertising strategy, encompassing leading social media and e-commerce platforms, to widen audience reach.

Focused Content Strategy

Shifted towards creating targeted content aimed at specific customer demographics, steering clear of direct competition with market giants.

Niche Market Exploration

Identified and pursued niche markets, leveraging Gecko’s unique selling propositions to capture interest.

Transformative Outcomes

Expanded Digital Footprint: Achieved a substantial increase in online sales, significantly altering the revenue composition favorably towards digital channels.

Content Engagement Success: Enhanced content strategies led to deeper customer engagement and interaction across digital platforms.

Competitive Market Repositioning: Successfully re-established Geckobrands as a notable contender in the online space, improving market share and visibility.

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Global Digital Online’s Contribution

Strategic Digital Overhaul: Guided the digital strategy overhaul, from platform selection to advertising diversification.

Content Strategy Optimization: Advised on and helped implement a targeted content strategy, aligning with brand identity and audience preferences.

Market Insight and Segmentation: Played a crucial role in market analysis and segmentation, fine-tuning the approach towards niche market penetration.

In essence, Geckobrands journey to digital prominence was marked by a strategic overhaul in digital marketing, content creation, and market positioning. These concerted efforts not only enhanced their online sales but also solidified their position in a competitive landscape, illustrating the power of targeted digital strategies and content engagement in driving online growth.

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