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Google Shopping Campaigns. Your Pay Per Click shot machine?

Posted by:jimmy3055 onJanuary 30, 2017

If you operate an e-commerce store, then one of the best ways to get some ‘business’ heading your way is using Google Shopping. Why? And, perhaps more importantly, what is it? Well, let us explain!

Google Shopping is an extra search engine (sort-of) that’s built into Google. The idea is that you can use it to search for the best deals online for a variety of products. If you are listed here, then you have a good opportunity to increase sales and enjoy a significant return on your marketing efforts. The strong ROI requires you do your homework and have the ability to offer what it is you are selling at one of the lowest possible prices. Google Shopping (formally PLA) is probably one of the quickest ways to increase your online presence and make a reasonable return on your investment

One of the main reasons why a Google Shopping campaign is so lucrative is because you know the people that are using the platform are interested in buying the products and in most cases almost immediately. Keep in mind; these potential buyers have taken the time to click through to the platform because it will show comparison pricing and the lowest price will show up. Using Google Shopping is most often based on pricing, and if you are competitive and will to reduce your profit in most cases, then this is a quick source or revenue for your company. It is important to be cautious when discounting your products too often online, sometimes shoppers will consider you a discount or cheaper mass marketing e-commerce provider and if you are always online with big discounts, and that can change your brand pretty quick.

When Google Shopping was first released, it was a free platform, but nowadays it makes use of the AdWords network which requires marketing fees because you end up on the first or second page of a Google search in a premier position.

The Google AdWords process is called PPC (Pay Per Click), and dollar for dollar it offers a powerful opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand and jump into sales almost immediately. You should secure the services of a professional when playing the PPC game. At GDO, we specialize in AdWords marketing. It is very easy to spend more money than planned if you do not understand all that Google Shopping has to offer and how to use all the tools to create effective campaigns.

Pay Per Click operates just like the way it sounds; you only pay if and when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Remember what we said before? The good news is when somebody clicks on your PPC post, it normally means that they are already interested in the product that you have for sale, increased opportunity for that sale, but no guarantees and sometimes the clicks happen quickly, and your campaign is out of money for the day. Unfortunately, it means your ad disappears and will not show up again until 12:01 AM the following day.

Keep in mind, there is no ad out there which has a 100% success rate, but there is a good chance that you can end up coming close if you use your Google marketing dollars wisely. Most businesses love Google Shopping as it means that they will get found in the search engines quicker. It speeds up the process of ranking your keywords as all companies do to be on the front page of Google using SEO, AdWords/PPC can take you to page one in literally minutes.

Everything in the digital world has a process, some are free, and others cost money. Combining those two resources can create spectacular results and finding the right company to do that is important. Please give us a call, let the experts show you how to convert your advertising dollars into a positive and rewarding ROI.

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